Something’s Afoot in the Trudel Home

A more appropriate title for this post is “Something’s Always Afoot in the Trudel Home.” The latest news is we have nine 10-gallon buckets in our dining room, supporting a door that is laid on top of them. What’s a slightly obsessive-compulsive person to do?

John plans to start his garden in our dining room. Remember my previous post, “Perfection Is Overrated”? Well, this situation is about to drive me over the edge.

I know it’s a work in progress. We’ve had many works in progress in our home over 32 1/2 years of marriage. One was our dining nook in our previous house. John removed the doors to our cabinets to paint them. Mysteriously, they never reappeared. So we were before our time: we had open cabinets to show all of our stuff that people normally hide behind closed doors.

This is what it is like to live with a person who has ADD. God has a sense of humor, I am convinced, in making certain matches. I grew up in a somewhat cluttered home. My mother was a schoolteacher but she was not a perfectionist. I, being the only child, am a recovering perfectionist. Some days are better than others. I don’t know why I am quite so perfectionistic. It could be because my dad, an accountant, was always precise about numbers and other details. (I didn’t inherit his talent for math.) It could be because my parents had high expectations of me. It could be because…gasp! I’m anal.

I love John. I love his creative mind. He amazes me with his problem-solving ability and the way he thinks outside the box. But he also drives me crazy at times.

Recipe for insanity for a person who’s slightly (or maybe very) OCD:

1. Fall in love with someone with ADD.

2. Feel overly responsible for keeping things where they belong (having been taught, “A place for everything and everything in its place” even though said person’s mother did not exactly practice this proverb).

3. Marry someone who doesn’t remember where he last laid things down. (I spent years trying to help him find things. I give up.)

4. Have children, both of whom inherited the ADD tendencies.

5. Work full-time and attempt to cook and keep the house clean and semi-organized.

I guess that’s enough. Let’s just say that the bare buckets with dried paint on them are not inspiring me at all. I want to cover them with something. John plans to put a tarp over them. I told him at least we were trendy with the distressed look of the door.

Will the garden ever happen? Stay tuned and see…

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