Gratitude for Strong Women

Strong women inspire me,

Cause me to look at my humdrum routine

And see how I might shake it up:

Live a little,

Do something daring,

Work less at my daily roles,

Paint and draw and write and dance more!

Breathe …

Break free from the bonds of my ordinary life, yet appreciate the holy moments found in the everyday —

Rise above the clamor of many demands pulling me in various directions,

Look deep inside and realize the potential waiting within.


These thoughts were inspired by attending a writers workshop over the weekend. I was honored to be invited, then awed as I heard the women around me read beautiful, insightful, pain-filled yet victorious words they’d written on the spot. I’ll admit I was intimidated by sharing my paltry thoughts and beginnings of ideas. But a seed was planted, and I look forward to what comes from that. I have a voice and I have something to say. Now begins the journey of discovery to find out exactly what form that voice will take and where it will lead me.

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