Too Much Heaven?

As I tooled down the interstate in my sporty red Ford Focus rental car, feeling a bit trendy as I listened to Sirius radio, a song came on that took me back to my  college years:

“Nobody gets too much heaven no more,

it’s much harder to come by, I’m waiting in line

Nobody gets too much love anymore

It’s as high as a mountain and harder to climb…”

I smiled as the falsetto voices of the Bee Gees sparked a memory. The brother of one of my college friends used to sing the lyrics as, “Nobody gets too much hair in their armpits …”

Funny how, thirty plus years later, I still think of that goofiness every time I hear that song. I love how, for just a moment, I’m transported back to a much simpler time in life…before the daily responsibilities of work, home, marriage, raising kids, and paying bills took over.

It’s those small mental vacations that make what could be viewed as a humdrum routine just a little more fun and bearable.

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