What’s It All About, Alfie?

Those who remember this song are, well, old. I hate to admit that I think I remember the correct title. I cannot remember the lyrics, though.

Just a brief entry today because I’m in a hurry (marketing mode). The answer is, I don’t know. And I don’t mind admitting that, which just goes to show that I am EMBRACING my old age.

Yeah, right. Every now and then I kick and scream. Mostly I kick. Every now and then I say, “Dammit.” And then I wonder where that came from. I try to whisper it most of the time. Every now and then, though…it just feels good to yell that.

Or, as a woman speaking at a women’s luncheon at my church on Sunday said, ‘Yell, HO! HO! HO! Now, laugh!” (big belly laughs) I took joy in yelling “Ho, ho, ho!”, all the while enjoying the double meaning of that word. There is a reason I’m an editor: I have a dirty mind. Somebody’s got to think about these things, or else Christian publishers get embarrassed by printing something awful. (Still, funny errors slip through. I could probably write a post about those.)

Enjoy the day. And say “Ho! Ho! Ho!” while you’re at it, followed by deep belly laughter. You just might smile.

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