Struggling to Forgive

Here’s a prayer I wrote some time ago for the book Prayers for Life’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Moments (compiled and edited by Mary Lou Redding, copyright @ 2012 by Upper Room Books).

Jesus, you gave us some commandments

that are really tough to obey.

I’m struggling with the one about not offering a gift at the altar

if you remember that a brother or sister has something against you.

You said we should first be reconciled to our brother or sister,

and then come and offer our gift.*

Lord, I’ve been angry with _________ for a long time.

I’m still not sure I’ve totally forgiven.

How do we reconcile? It’s been so long.

What can I do?

Maybe this is just the way things are … and may remain.

God, please forgive me

for the times I’ve failed to forgive others.

Have mercy on me for not even recognizing when I’ve wronged someone.

And please help me to continue to love, even from afar,

until healing comes to both of us. Amen.

*See Matthew 5:23-24.

One thought on “Struggling to Forgive

  1. Heartfelt and wonderful. We can all pray this prayer. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with us.

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