What I Hope for My Children

As I was musing about this blog, I originally planned to write “What I Hope for My Daughter,”  but I realized that I desire many of the same things for my son. Here goes:

* That they will feel loved unconditionally for who they are,  not for their achievements

* That they will find their own bliss, their unique calling and purpose

* That they will believe in something larger than themselves

* That they will love other people unabashedly and passionately and that they will receive the same kind of love from good, solid people and will remain faithful to the loves of their lives

* That they will care about the needs of the less fortunate and find ways to show their concern

* That they will have their own children someday and experience the joys and challenges of raising their children to become independent, loving, healthy, happy adults

* That they will remain curious  and will be lifelong learners

* That they will manage their money well and generously give to others

* That they will realize that careers aren’t everything … that balance in all areas of life is desirable

* That they will be tolerant of people who are different from them and will try to see others’ point of view

* That they will leave this world a little better than it was when they entered it

*That they will have faith, hope, and joy

* That they will be resilient in the face of troubles and never give up

* That they will experience much laughter and fun!

* That they will take responsibility for their own happiness and not blame others

* That they will remember a fraction of the things their daddy and I tried to teach them and will gracefully forget about the times we haven’t been the best models

* That they will always be surrounded by love

* That they will continue to develop their creativity and discover new talents

I guess that’s enough for today. My happiness does not depend upon what my children do or how they turn out. So far they’ve proven themselves to be kind, dependable, compassionate, intelligent, responsible people. They will only get better as time goes on.

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