Time Away

I am taking this week off from work. I saw the signs coming that I needed to take a few days off:

* Me arse be draggin.’

* Physical symptoms indicated that my body needs rest.

* Couldn’t stop my mind from racing. Was awaking at 3:00 in the morning with stuff on my mind. If I’d gotten up and written down those thoughts, I think they would be crazy.

* My attitude toward work was getting a little “iffy.” Decided it was time to practice Steven Covey’s 7th habit, sharpening the saw. I expect to be much more productive next week when I return.

* I started feeling this need to get out of town. Sometimes you just need to shake off your daily routine, if only for a few days.

* Spring fever has set in in a big way. Maybe I should call it summer fever, ’cause the temps are certainly summerlike. Roses are blooming already, as are the azaleas. Unreal.

Yesterday I found myself driven to do one more thing. Today I am going to shower and pack for a trip, load the dishwasher, and get out of town as soon as our car is ready. It’s nice to know that Daniel will be here to care for our cat and see that our garden gets watered (I hope).

For the rest of the week, who knows? We might take some back roads, chase some rainbows if there are any to be found, read some, meet some interesting people…and I will catch up on some belated gifts.

I do have one goal for vacation: dive into organizing small corners of our house. If I can get our junk mail and bills sorted, that will be a major accomplishment. Just about the time I think I’m on top of things, more paper arrives in the house. I can’t keep up with it all. I try to throw away junk mail daily, but sometimes it lands on the basement steps (John beats me to the mailbox) or other strange places.

Speaking of getting ready for trips, it’s time to close and go get my shower! TTFN (as Tigger in Winnie-the-Pooh says). Ta-ta for now.

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