Spring Break!

Last week I had a stomach bug for 3 days, and it was dragging me down. I managed to make it to work (not knowing it was a bug but thinking it was something I ate) for 2 of the 3 days but finally surrendered on Friday when I began running a fever and my symptoms grew worse.

I had planned to take today (Monday) off so I could chauffeur my husband home from his colonoscopy. Had been toying with the idea of taking a few days off this week, because he’s on spring break from substitute teaching. Friday sealed the deal. Seemed like my body was telling me it’s time to rest.

So since I have a holiday on Good Friday anyway, this week seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a few days off and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve had lately. We’re going to North Carolina tomorrow to see my dad. At age 89, he’s doing pretty well, but at that age you never know how long someone will be around.

Holy Week seems a good time to be off…more time to slow down and contemplate all the events of this week 2,000 years ago when Jesus was crucified and arose from the dead on Easter morning. I guess you could call it the High Holy Week for Christians. But to get to the heights, you have to journey through some dark valleys.

I am humbled and awed when I think of Jesus’ sacrifice for people he didn’t even know. It’s one thing to be willing to die for someone you know and love; it is another to take upon oneself the sins of the whole world. May we all appreciate our God-given gift of life and the sacrifice of his beloved Son. “Amazing love, how can it be that thou, my God, would die for me?”  (Charles Wesley’s hymn “And Can It Be”)

Blessings to all this Holy Week.

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