Time to Slow Down

It seems that lately I’ve been operating on warp speed. I am trying to finish up one job before I move to another position at the same company (The Upper Room). It’s hard to make a clean break when you have several projects in progress. It comes down to making choices about what you can realistically accomplish in the time you have left.

The night before last, I started feeling a familiar scratchy sensation in my throat. I thought, “No! I don’t have time to get sick now.” Well, so much for that. You can’t choose when to get sick. Some things are just beyond your control. Yesterday I left work early, laptop in hand, to get a haircut (I’d had to cancel my appointment the previous day due to a conflict) and then presumably to work at home and make up the time I missed at the office. By the time I got home, I was feeling worse. I heard my pillow calling, “Time for a nap.” So I lay down for about an hour and a half.

I got up and puttered around the kitchen, preparing dinner. Someone at the beauty salon had mentioned making stuffed peppers, and I had some red and orange bell peppers in the fridge that were just begging to be used. By the time I finished cooking dinner, I was exhausted, so I piddled around a little more before I finally gave up and went to the couch for the evening.

I felt some kind of weird tightness behind my eyes, and soon I began coughing. Sometime during the night I got up and took my temperature. Sure enough, I was running a fever. I must have another sinus infection. I just got over a virus accompanied by laryngitis about a month ago. (Springtime in Nashville is a challenging time for most people; the city is situated in a basin, and pollen just seems to sit there until rain clears the air. We haven’t had much rain in the past couple of weeks.)

So today I will stay home and take care of myself. My body is telling me that it needs rest, and work can wait. In my younger days I would have pushed on through and dragged myself in to work. These days, I’d rather be kind to my body and surrender when it tells me it needs rest. I think I’ll live longer that way.

The work will get done eventually…I hope to be done with the current project I’m working on by tomorrow so I can get the manuscript in the mail to the author. It all depends on how long I can sit up and concentrate today. I see at least one nap in my future.

Meanwhile, the world can go on without me for at least a day. I know who’s ultimately in control, and that gives me a great deal of comfort.

2 thoughts on “Time to Slow Down

  1. Oh Anne, thank you for this. I regret you are ill, I am glad you are wise enough to rest. One of my favorite lines is” “Meanwhile, the world can go on without me for at least a day. I know who’s ultimately in control, and that gives me a great deal of comfort.”
    That is something to remember in sickness and in health.
    Enjoy this sabbath your body has demanded you receive. 🙂
    Love you friend.

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